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Not about Lorena Bobbitt (Rachel Scherr)
(chuckle, sexual, awww)

A friend of mine was taking psychology at SF State
College.  The prof & class were discussing Penis Envy, or more
accurately, they were discussing the reams of evidence refuting this
redoubtable phenomenon.  The prof told the students of the experience
of a friend of hers:  Friend (male) was taking a shower in the
presence of his three-year-old daughter.  The daughter looked at
her dad and said, "Daddy, you have a penis."  The father said, "Yes,
I do." The kid said, "I don't have a penis."  Dad said, "Yes, that's
right."  Kid said "Mommy doesn't have a penis."  Again, Dad
confirmed.  The daughter frowned, and then looked up at her dad
reassuringly and said, "Well Daddy, I don't think you should worry,
because yours is very small."

The psych prof thought this was an excellent case for the existence
of "Penis Pity."

Told to me by Selena Mitchell.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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