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The Ramifications of "Computer Literary" (Barry Jaspan)
(topical, smirk, true, computers)

I work for a new software company, and just yesterday our division
finished the beta release of our first product.  Needless to say,
stress and tension were running very high in the days (well, actually,
months) before this date, with the engineers putting in 7 day, 60-70
hour weeks on a regular basis.

Jason E Price recently posted a joke to rec.humor.funny.  It started
off like this:

   For those of you unfamiliar with Wang equipment, there is a large
   'help' key on the keyboard, used to bring up information screens.
Our computers (Sun SPARCstations) have a similar key.  One of our
engineers (who does not read rec.humor.funny), after a series of
all-nighters, got fed up enough to write FUCK in large letters on a
piece of paper and tape it on top of the help key.  Then, when he got
particularly upset, he would just "bash on the FUCK key" a few times
and, supposedly, feel better.  This was purely a frustration-venting

Several hours later, I spontaneous starting laughing as a I realized
the accidental connection to Mr. Price's joke.  His punch line was:
      We received a call from a rather angry secretary to a
   vice-president on the sixth floor who said...
   "I've been pressing my help key for two hours now and nobody's
   arrived here yet..."

Well, just imagine.  Our engineer was pressing his FUCK key for
several days, and no one had come to help him yet, either.  I guess
our support staff needs improvement.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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