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A funny thing happend on the way to the lecture... (Roy Smith)
(chuckle, folklore)

	A dentist friend told this story last night at dinner.  He claims
it's a true story that happened to his uncle.  His uncle was also a dentist,
and was teaching at Columbia University some years ago.

	He had a lecture to give at 8:00 and was driving into Manhattan from
his house on Long Island, reading his lecture notes as he drove along the
Northern State Parkway.  He was paying more attention to the lecture notes
than to his driving and didn't see the car in front slow down, causing him
to slam into it.  The whole front end of the car was smashed, the radiator
broken, steam pouring out of the radiator, etc, making it obvious that the
car wasn't going to make the rest of the trip.

	He gets out of the car, as does the driver of the car in front, who
turns out to be a priest, with 3 nuns in the car.  Even though it is
entirely this guys fault, the priest starts to apologize for stopping short,
etc, etc, they get to talking, and the priest offers the dentist a ride.
The dentist says he's going to Columbia University and he's already late.
The priest says he's going to Queens and doesn't know how to get to
Columbia, or even if it's on the way (he's not too familiar with New York
geography).  The dentist assures the priest that it is indeed on the way (in
reality, it's not at all), so off they go, leaving the bashed up car sitting
there in the left lane of the highway.

	They eventually get to Columbia, the dentist runs out of the car, up
the steps, and runs into the lecture hall huffing and puffing right at the
stroke of 8:00 to start his lecture.  He notices that only about half the
students are there, but he starts on time.  Little by little, more students
drift in and take their seats.  This annoys the dentist, and as the lecture
goes on and on, he gets more and more annoyed at people drifting in late.
Finally, he's reached the limit of his patience and blows up and the next
student to walk in late, "You have no idea what I had to go though to get
here, and I managed to be on time!  Why couldn't you be on time!?"  The
student just looks at him and says, "I would have been here on time, but
there was a massive traffic jam on the Northern State because some idiot
abandoned his car in the left lane!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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