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Collegiate situational

merk!uvmark! (Mark Baldridge)
(smirk, sexual, heard it)

When I was in Cornell, Chemistry 101 was considered to be an exceptionally
difficult course.  Weekly recitation classes followed the lectures, to review 
homework assignments and help the floundering students.

In our first recitation section, the teaching assistant started handing out
a pop quiz at the beginning of the class.  As he was distributing the quiz
he explained, "Just to make sure that everyone keeps up with the homework,
we are going to start each week with a little 'quizzy'.  And it will be a
third of your grade."

One of the female students at the front of the class who had longer to 
examine the quiz than the rest of us, and who obviously did not recognize
any of questions as relating to things we should have known exclaimed 
loudly, "Well!  If this is one of your little quizzies, I'd hate to see one
of your big Testies!"

While the laughter was dying down, a very red faced lady beat a hasty exit
for the door.  We never saw her again.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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