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True sailing story (Bruce Pennypacker)
Channel 1 Communications
(smirk, true, awww)

Chip is a family friend, very fun loving, and a die-hard boater.  His wife 
Karen, isn't quite as avid a boater as Chip, and their 15 year old 
daughter Kelly doesn't really care one way or another about boats.  About 
5 years ago they bought a 33 foot sailboat which they use for cruising in 
the New England area.  

Early on, Chip bought an autopilot for the sailboat so that they wouldn't 
have to keep the tiller manned at all times.  Kelly affectionately named 
the autopilot "Otis", and the name has stuck ever since.  More recently 
Chip purchased a device known as a "life sling", which can be used to pull 
people out of the water if they fall overboard.  

One evening Chip was trying to explain to Karen how to use the life sling. 
Kelly was reading a book nearby and didn't appear to be paying any 
attention to her parents.  Karen didn't seem to be too interested in 
learning how to use the life sling, which was frustrating Chip.  He 
finally asked her, "Well then what will you do if I'm the one who falls 
overboard some day?".  Kelly, without even looking up from her book, 
replied, "Drive on, Otis!".

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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