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Out of the mouths of babes (Rich Friedman)
(chuckle, awww)

My wife, a physician at a children's hospital, 
occasionally comes home with some rather strange 
stories.  This one seemed inappropriate for Reader's 
Digest so I thought I'd try it here.

She first met this family when mom brought one of 
her kids in to the ER with part of her finger nearly cut 
off.  The poor kid was crying and needed some 
comforting.  However, mom just didn't quite react the 
way one would hope a mom should.  Let's just say it 
was a good thing that dad showed up to help comfort 
and care for the poor kid.

The next day my wife sees the kid and her sibs in the 
ER again with two police officers.  She asks them 
why they were back at the ER again.  Seems that dad 
called home to see how the kid was doing only to get 
no answer.  After a while he calls the police who show 
up and have to break in only to the find the kids home 
Well as they pack up the kids to take them to a shelter, 
mom shows up with her 5 year old son.  She's still 
acting very odd, but does manage to have a few choice 
comments about the police and what she thinks of 
them doing their job.  The police have some comments 
about her concept of motherhood.  Then they ask her 
where she was.  Before she could open her mouth the 
5 year old says "We were out buying and selling 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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