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Oil's well...
(chuckle, parody)

Hearing on the news last night that Prince William Sound is
still not cleaned up reminded me of the following ditty which
I heard from a coworker.  Said coworker claims it actually
came from someone at Exxon.  It is to be sung to the tune of
"Gilligan's Island"

   Sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
   A tale of a fateful trip,
   That started from a pristine port
   Aboard an EXXON ship.

   Third mate wasn't much of a sailing man,
   But the skipper liked to booze;
   So the mate steered the giant oil barge
   While the skipper took a snooze.

   Large icebergs filled the shipping lanes;
   The mighty ship was slowed.
   If not for the innovative EXXON crew,
   Their oil would not get sold.

   The helmsman was heard shouting,
   "Clear sailing straight ahead-"
   As the sound of the vessel's grounding
   Raised the Captain from his bed.

   The supertanker hit a reef,
   Which pierced it's single skin.
   10 Million gallons of oil spilled out,
   And a case or two of gin.

   No booms, no skimmers, no dispersants,
   Not a single contingency;
   The oil clean-up effort
   Was as primitive as could be.

   Now the lawyers call it an Act of God
   So the company can't be sued,
   And Exxon makes a profit
   From the jacked up price of crude.

   So now we leave Prince William Sound,
   It's shoreline strewn with oil.
   Our sights set to the future;
   More distant lands to spoil!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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