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Stranded on a desert isle.... (NNUUURRRR'C'C)
(smirk, sexual)

    It seems a pleasure boat captain leased out his craft and services
to an old and well to do man and his young, very beautiful mistress.  As
misfortune would have it, a storm wrecked the boat and stranded the
three of them on some far-away island.  The island was quite small and
had only one tree which was often used to look-out for passing ships.

    The cramped quarters on the island made it very difficult for the
captain to pursue the young mistress.  Even if the old man was on look
out, there was no cover for him to take her and have his way.  She had
already expressed her desire to comply, but they could never get from
view of the old man.  Finally, the captain gets an idea.  The next time he
is in the tree on look out, he shouts down to the couple below, "Hey, stop
having sex down there!"  The next day he does the same thing.  "Hey,
stop having sex down there!", he says.  This continues for a couple of
more days until the old man takes watch.  As soon as the old man is up
the tree, he makes his move with the mistress.  The old guy sees what's
going on below and thinks to himself, "Gee, from up here it does look like
they're having sex."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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