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Special Waco, Texas Issue, No. 2 (Maddirator)
(topical, chuckle, religion, sick)

Here's a few more more WACO, Texas jokes about
David Koresh that weren't submitted in time for
the first Special Waco, Texas Issue.

Again, this material is someone gross and
offensive, so don't read it if you don't
care for that sort of humor.

Original jokes are noted with a "Keywords"

Subject: New Reality Show Scheduled for NBC This Fall
From: (Craig Burley)

NBC announced plans for a new show this fall that essentially revives
an old show: "The FBI".

Scripts are only now being worked on, but the theme music for the show
has already been decided:

    "We didn't start the fire..."

Subject: Waco/David Koresh
From: (Phil Salkie)
Keywords: topical, chuckle, original

Well, David Koresh is going to go down in the annals of psychiatric
history.  He's the first person ever to have a 1400 acre Messiah
I can't believe that the FBI, with all its resources, didn't know what
would happen once they sent the tanks in.  After all, even a first-year
medical student knows that a compound fracture is always followed by
an inflammation.

Subject: Waco jokes missing from the Special Issue
From: (Gerald Reno)

These were floating around the office, but not in your special issue!

How do you pick up a Branch Davidian woman?
	With a dust-buster

What did God say to David Koresh when he met him?
	Well done.

What is the new Branch Davidian holiday?
	Ash Monday.

Subject: New Taste Treat
From: (Morgan Schweers)

    Sent to me by a friend...  (

From the blackened hills of Apocalypse Ranch . . .

		     WACO CRISPS (tm)
		Tangy Self-Fried Zealots
  	    _Now flavored with spicy pepper gas!_

Waco Crisps (tm) . . . a tempting taste-treat containing a healthy blend of
gun nuts, battered and smoked kid, and chunks of genuine imitation Lamb of

Another quality snack the makers of MOVEable Feasties and Jonestown


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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