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How do you spell Perot? (Bryan Bayerdorffer @ Wit's End)
Spam Detection & Removal Squad, Austin, TX
(smirk, politics, original)

Someone wrote:
=-  On Saturday, February 27, the University United We Stand America will
=-  present Ross Perot at the University of Texas Bass Concert Hall.

Before I attend this event or join the organization, perhaps someone can tell me
how to parse this unfortunate phrase.  Some punctuation would help enormously.
Consider, is it:

United we stand, America!

or maybe

United, we stand America.  (Presumably we can't stand it as individuals.)

or even yet

United, we.  Stand, America!  (The rest of you get up off your butts?)

Perhaps veiled nostalgia for the cold war and NATO:

United West and America.

Or, Ross is soliciting investors for a leveraged buyout of UAL, and will sell
its Far East routes for a quick buck:

United: West and America

No, wait!  It's an anagram!

        ``I am a sweeet, candid runt.''

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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