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The *what* of Babylon? (jeff wilder)
(smirk, religion, true)

This is a true story.  I had to choose between r.h.f and Reader's
Digest's "Campus Comedy."  It was an agonizing choice.  Really.

In my Intro to Psych course, the instructor was attempting to il-
lustrate the weakness of surveys as devices for gathering information
for correlational purposes.

"Let's say you take a survey of prostitutes in a small city," says she.
"Of those prostitutes, a remarkable 48% of those listing religions have
listed 'Episcopalian.'  Can you then justifiably make any kind of cor-
relation such as, 'Episcopalians are more likely to become prostitutes'?"

There was a class-wide murmur of, "No."

My instructor nodded.  "Right.  Why not?  What are the problems with
that statement?"

A few hands crept tentatively upward, but before my instructor could
select one of the volunteers, a woman behind me audibly muttered,
"They're confusing Episcopalians and Baptists."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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