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AI has nothing on Danny-boy. (Open Mouth, Insert Brain.)
(smirk, true, politics)

I know that our dearly beloved ex-vice president Dan Quayle is no 
longer in office, but I think this is still amusing enough to post.

Last semester during a particularly boring class in Artificial 
Intelligence, I began looking through the index of the textbook 
(_Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming_ by Peter Norvig, 
copyright 1992 by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers).  In the Q section, I 
came across this entry:

Quayle, Dan, 735

Completely mystified as to why Dan Quayle would be mentioned in my AI 
text, I turned to page 735.  The topic on the page had to do with 
auxiliary verbs (the chapter was on creating an English grammar).  
Nowhere was Quayle's name mentioned on the page.  Figuring that the 
entry was a mistake or something, I started to close the book when I 
noticed, about halfway down the page, three sentences which were 
intended to illustrate the three "senses" of the verb "be."  The three 
sentences were:

"He is a fool."
"He is a Republican."
"He is in Indiana."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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