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I'm built like a newborn

(smirk, sexual)

(Original joke teller's name removed.)

This devoutly Christian couple is on their honeymoon. They've never done anything before this, of course (devout Christian, remember).

Anyway, the wife says to her husband, "I have a confession to make. I stuffed my bra all the time we were going out. My breasts aren't really this big."

"That's all right," he says. "I love you anyway. And I have a confession to make." He looks down at his crotch and says, "I'm built like a newborn baby."

"That's all right," she says. "I love you anyway."

She removes her dress.

"Boy," he says, "your breasts are small! That's all right...I love you anyway."

He takes down his pants and she faints dead away.

"What's wrong, honey?" he asks as she revives. "I told you I was built like a newborn...

"Twenty-one inches, eight-and-three-quarters pounds...."

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