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Monkey business (Vishram Dalvi ~)

Recalled this joke during lunchtime. For those of you who haven't
heard the story of the cap seller and the monkeys, here's some

Once upon a time, there lived a poor cap seller in a small village
(in India) :-) He earned his livelihood stiching caps and selling
them in the neighboring villages. Once when going to another village
through a forest, he fell asleep under a tree. When he woke up, he
was surprised to find his basket empty and all the caps missing. Then
he noticed a troop of monkeys sitting in the tree wearing his caps.
He came up with a brilliant idea to retrieve his caps. He lifted the
cap on his head and threw it to the ground. Out of their apeing habits
the monkeys followed suit. The cap seller, then collected all the caps
and triumphantly proceeded to the market.

The Joke:

        As the years pass by, the cap seller has a grandson who too 
ends up being a cap seller. One day he has to pass through the same 
forest to sell caps in the village on the other side. As he is leaving, 
his grandpa tells him of the monkeys and how he outsmarted them and 
warns the grandson to be careful in the forest and remember his grandpa's 
trick if the monkeys cause any trouble. 
        So the grandson sets forth on his journey. While passing through 
the forest, he gets tired and falls asleep to wake up and find the basket 
empty and all the caps gone. Then he notices the monkeys on the tree
wearing the caps. Smiling to himself he says, "Aha ! I know how to deal
with this. I'll use my grandpa's trick ! So he hurls his cap to the 
ground expecting the monkeys to do the same. All this time, there is a 
young capless monkey sitting in the tree. This monkey jumps down from 
the tree, quickly picks up the grandson's cap and puts it on his head. 
Then as he is scampering away, he says to the grandson sarcastically

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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