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Metro's fault... (David W. Barts)
(original, chuckle, computers)

[ This received a fairly good response on a local newsgroup, so I
  thought I'd victimize the whole net with it. ]

Last night, I was walking home from the grocery store and I noticed
that the traffic was backed up as if an accident was blocking
the road.

Sure enough, the Metro #73 had managed to skid on the slushy street as
it was trying to turn a corner and had scored a direct hit on a steel
traffic light pole.  This was a one-vehicle accident, so it was obvious
who was at fault for it.  (In addition, the street was only _slushy_;
as someone who learned to drive in the Rockies it always amazes me how
much trouble a piddling snowfall can cause some people.  But I

Anyway, right after I walked passed the scene of the accident, the
driver's window opened and a mostly-eaten apple sailed out of it.
I was wondering what on earth was going on, when I looked up and
noticed a message scrolling across the green dot-matrix display
that normally displays the route number and destination:

	bus error (core dumped)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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