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The Well of Knowledge (Jonathan Hayward)

Once upon a time, a young boy was taken to a castle where he was to become a
squire, and a senior knight led him around to show him the castle.

He went fairly quickly through most of the castle, and then suddenly slowed
down, as if he were approaching something of greater importance.

"I do not think that you will forget where you are to eat and sleep, and if you
do forget some minor detail, such as where the bakery is, you need but ask and
you will be led to the place you seek.  But these, while you will be told if
you ask, are far more important than all else.  If you forget all else you
learn this weak, no, this year, you need to remember these."

He led the boy out of the castle into a deep green forest.

"This forest is a place of great beauty, and it is said that Saint Francis of
Assisi walked its paths.  It is worth living in just for what it is, but also
contains three other great wonders."

Meandering along the path, they came to a stone building.  On the outside it
looked small, dark, and worn down, but once they came in, it was completely
different.  It opened to a great cathedral, so small outside but so great
inside that it could have contained the castle itself.  There was not a single
imperfection in the many stones, not a single mark of wear.  It was brightly

"This is the chapel.  If you come here, you will find that so much noise and
clutter will leave your mind.  You are to do many things, but prayer is the
most important of all."

After a few minutes, the boy standing in awe at the silence, they again went
out, and walked along the path some more.  In a few minutes, they came to a
well alongside the path.

"Here is a wishing well.  If you make a wish here, it could come true.  Only be
careful of what you ask for, and remember well the lesson of King Midas.  Never
make a wish out of foolish greed, for what you ask for could very well come

They walked on for some more hours, and it was starlight when they came to a
clearing.  In the center of the clearing was a well, not of stone, but of
marble.  It shone with singular beauty in the light of the stars, and both the
old and the young one paused for a second before approaching it.

"King Solomon spoke of many things, but the one thing he spoke of above all was
of wisdom and knowledge.  In the book of Proverbs, he said that 'Through wisdom
Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And
by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant
riches.'  This is the Well of Knowledge; only the chapel stands above it.  It
will not make any changes, it will not heal the smallest cut, but it is supreme
both to the Wishing Well and even the Fountain of Youth, for out of it flow the
Waters of Knowledge.

"Come here to ask any question, and you will receive an answer.  You may ask
questions any day but Sunday."

The boy paused in thought for a second, and then spoke: "Why not on Sunday?  Is
it because it is the Lord's Day, and even the well must be allowed to rest?  Or
is there some other reason not to ask on the Sabbath?"

A voice slowly wafted up from the well, saying "Because Sunday is your turn in
the well."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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