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"For Everything...."
(smirk, usenet, original)


  For everything, trn, trn, trn
  There is a newsgroup, trn, trn, trn
  And a thread for every subject under heaven

A thread to be born, a thread to die
A thread for excess, a thread for control-X
A thread to kill, a thread to read
A thread for a laugh, a thread for a weep

A thread to follow up, a thread to fork off
A thread to advance, a thread to scoff
A thread to cast away .sigs
A thread to gather .sigs together

A thread of love, a thread of hate
A thread of flames, a thread of peace
A thread you may encode
A thread to refrain from encoding

A newsgroup to gain, a newsgroup to lose
A thread neverending, a thread anew
A thread you love, a thread you hate
A time to unsubscribe, I swear it's not too late

	Many thanks to the lyrics WAIS server ( for
	the original, sung by Judy Collins on her Third Album!!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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