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British Rail Adventures (232)

	A lone American soldier is riding on a crowded London train.  He
	walks around the train trying to find a seat but no luck.  He sees
	an English woman sitting with her poodle in the seat next to her.  

	The American asks: "Please miss, would you put your poodle in your
	lap so that I can sit down?".  The English woman replies: "Young
	man, don't bother us, go away." 

	The American, trying to avoid trouble, takes another walk through
	the train and still can't find a seat. 
	He goes back to the English woman with the poodle and asks again: 
	"Please miss, I'll even let the poodle sit in my lap, just please
	let me sit down."  The English woman yells: "Young man, I told you
	to go away and don't bother us, if you don't get out of here right
	now I'll call the conductor to remove you". 

	By now the American was quite perturbed so he took one more walk 
	around the train, couldn't find a seat, so he finally came back and
	threw the poodle right out of the train window.  

	All this time an English gentleman has been peering over his
	newspaper and watching the exchanges between the American 
	soldier and the English woman.  

	The Englishman says:"  You know, you Americans are quite strange. 
	First you drive on the wrong side of the road, then you use 
	the wrong currency, and now you throw the wrong bitch out of the
	window. "

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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