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The Secret of Acceptance
(smirk, original)

On the Drew University Alumni mailing list, Mike Richichi wrote:

> Tom Limoncelli gets his joke about handing a FAQ list to his dates posted
> on rec.humor.funny, and they rejected my "Ross Perot is a Ferengi" story.
> Think about it, big ears, weird teeth, strange accent, ruthless devotion
> to business and profits, narrow eyes (at least one in Perot's case,) 
> height (or relative lack thereof,) it all fits.  Add in Perot's comment
> in the second debate about "some extraterrestrial coming down" and 
> screwing up the country, and it all fits.  But apparently it's not 
> funny enough.

So I answered...

I've had 5 jokes accepted in the last month.  Most are still in the
queue waiting to be posted.

I have to thank Tina for this.  We used to joke about who got the most
jokes accepted.  When I was down for the count, she got one accepted
and then coordinated tons of random people around the net to send me
mail rubbing it in my face.

That was the last straw.  I have now developed a special humor and
media lab where jokes are manufactured, beta tested, and the best ones
are selected to be submitted.  We've also hired a crack crew of
researchers to notice trends in what Brad likes and doesn't like.  For
example, someone noticed that he likes Monty Python references and Unix
jokes.  So, a beta tester posted a joke that basically was a rehash of,
"What is your name?  What is your quest?  What is your favorite color?"
scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail.  It went something like:


"What is your QUEST?"

"I quest to find the grail!"

"What is a lowercase letter that isn't a valid option to 'ls'?"

"BSD or AT&T Unix?"


It got accepted immediately.

Well, now that the moderator is a new person, our crack crew of
experts has to re-tool and begin all over.  To do this, we need
more money.

Send your donations to:

     Help Tom Stay Funny
     P O Box 9345
     Madison, New Jersey 07940


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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