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Down on the Farm
Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta
(chuckle, sexual, offensive)

I overheard this one on a bus the other day......

A farm boy was out behind the barn, playing with his manhood, when his father 
came along and found him. "Just what are you doing there, Clem?", says Pa. "I 
don't know, but it sure feels good", says the Clem. "I think it's time yer Ma 
and I told you about innercourse", says his Pa.

So they go into the farmhouse, and Pa says "Woman, take off yer clothes and get
down on your hands and knees. It's time we showed Clem here about innercouse."
So Ma does that, and Pa takes his pants off. "You see that hole there on Ma?"
says Pa. "Well, watch Pa!". So Pa mounts Ma and away they go. While Clem's 
watching, his sister comes in. "What're they doin? They fightin'?" she says. 
Clem replies "Naw, don't you know nuthin' about innercourse? I guess I'll have
to learn ya". So Clem drops his pants, and says to his sister, "See that hole 
there on Pa? Watch Clem!".

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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