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Frontiers of Copy Protection (David Sewell)
(chuckle, true, computers)

There's a new outfit named CyberRomance that is offering original romance fiction online as shareware through the BBS's. I downloaded one of their titles, "Savage Beating Hearts," and discovered it was actually crippleware! I'm attaching the disclaimer on the copyright screen.


by Fiona Westfield

Copyright (c) 1992, CyberRomance Inc.

CONDITIONS OF ISSUANCE. This is a freely distributable version of SAVAGE BEATING HEARTS, identical to the commercial version except for the differences noted below. It may be copied and distributed in electronic or print form without permission so long as no charge is made for such sale and distribution, except for a nominal fee to cover costs of media, postage, and handling, in no case to exceed $5 US.

The full-featured edition of SAVAGE BEATING HEARTS may be obtained for $9.95 from CyberRomance, either from our online bookstore on CompuServe [GO GOTHIC], or by phoning 1-800-555-3434. Both DOS and Macintosh versions are available.

PLEASE NOTE the following features of the commercial version of SAVAGE BEATING HEARTS that have been altered or disabled in this freeware release:

1: Male characters bear names of the Anglo-Norman nobility rather than 
   Hank, Jethro, and Gomer as in this version. 
2: Action takes place in Monaco rather than New Jersey. 
3: Intimate scenes between Charisse and male characters are given in 
   full.  In this version they have been replaced with descriptions of  
   bowling league games. 
4: Charisse wears a stunning array of gowns, swimsuits, and other 
   fashions instead of Mao suits. 
5: Male characters do not chew tobacco and spit. 
6: The skip-to function that takes readers directly to the good parts  
   has been disabled in the freeware version. 
7: The letter "e" appears as such.  In the freeware version it has 
   been replaced by "x." 

CyberRomance hopes you will enjoy this free version of our newest hit, SAVAGE BEATING HEARTS!

[Okay, I'm taking my tongue out of my cheek now... --DS]

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