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How about "USSR - Classic"?
(topical, chuckle)

Besides worrying about crises of our own, we in the military have been having
trouble coming to grips with the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Where it was
once easy to refer to the USSR as the bad guys, today we are faced with
figuring out the intentions of over a dozen new republics.  The following is
a list circulated by our Plans and Intelligence Flight that tries to simplify
the situation:


 10.  BORIS:  Bolshevik Organized Republic of Independent States

  9.  COMMIES:  Confederation Of Muslim Monarchies & Independent
                       European States

  8.  RUBLES:  Russian Union of Bolshevik Led European States

  7.  REDS:  Russo-European Dominion of States

  6.  CAVIAR:  Confederation of Autonomous Violently Independent
                     Asian Republics

  5.  ACNE:  Association of Countries with No Economies

  4.  FEED US:  Farther Eastern European Dominion of United States

  3.  NIGHTMARE:  National Independent Governments Having Tribes
                           of Muslim, Asian, and Russian Extraction

  2.  SEWAGE:  States of Europe Without A Good Economy

And the Number One new name is...

  1.  NOTHING:  Nucleus Of Totally Helpless Independent National

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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