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How Politicians Finance Their Jobs (CXMP)
McGill University

While we're on the subject of what politicians say, have you ever heard
it said that a politcian never comes out and say "There'll be a
tax hike."?  It is, of course, true that politicians never use
those exact words.  If you listen closely to what politicians say,
however, you will find that they do in fact warn people of coming
tax hikes.  In fact they say very little else.  Consider,

"We're all going to have to tighten our belts." -->
"There'll be a general tax hike."

"The public can count on us to keep our promises." -->
"There'll be a resultant tax hike."

"The next budget will include some creative financing." -->             row$
"There'll be a creative tax hike."

"We're drafting up a plan for tax reform." -->
"There'll be an innovative tax hike."

"We're in consultation." -->
"There'll be a recommended tax hike."

"This isn't the time for drastic measures." -->
"There'll be selected tax hikes."

"We represent the ordinary people." -->
"There'll be a corporate tax hike."

"We haven't decided on our policy yet." -->
"We're considering a tax hike."

"No comment." -->
"I'm not denying that there'll be a tax hike."

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