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Craig Shergold (Ben Scott)
(chuckle, rumors)

This just in - FCC official Craig Shergold has announced new regulations
to add a fee to phone lines used for telecommunication, including bulletin
boards and public network services.  Critics say he is still bitter from
a childhood experience during which he was buried underneath several tons
of get-well cards, largely due to the well-meaning efforts of computer
users all over the world, and this has sparked his current crackdown.

Everyone reading this message would be affected by a tax on modem lines!
It's vital that we make ourselves heard, and stop this FCC ruling.
Please, forward this message to as many bulletin boards and services
as you can, and encourage everyone you know to sign petitions against this
plan.  Send them to Mr. Shergold at the FCC in Washington, DC.

                                  (United Wire Services, July 2002)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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