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The Great Ethnic Sewer Rat War

[The following joke is in .GEF format (Generic Ethnic Format);
substitute your favorite ethnic or other subnormal group as needed.
It's my version of something I found in a book on ethnic humor. -DS]

The sewer rat situation in New York was getting intolerable; the rats
were multiplying like crazy and starting to do things like crawl up the
pipes and bite people in the butt while they sat on the toilet.  The
Public Works Director decided it was time to declare all-out war on the

So he calls in the superintendent of the sewer system and tells him to
find five men who'd be willing to live in the sewers 24 hours a day
fighting rats.  "Gee, boss," says the superintendent, "No one's going to
put up with those conditions."  "No problem," says the Director.  "Go
out and find five Ethnics and draft them.  They're used to that kind of
thing."  The Director tells the superintendent to return with his men
in a week to report on battle progress, and the superintendent takes off.

A week later the superintendent shows up in the Director's office.  He's
exhausted, bruised and scratched up, and all by himself.  "I think we've
lost the war," he says.

"What?!  Where's the five Ethnics you drafted?" the Director asks.

"That's the problem," says the superintendent.  "Three of them defected
to the enemy, and the other two have left the army to settle down with 
the war brides they brought back!"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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