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Political correctness (Lazlo Hoover Toth)
The Cellar BBS and public access system
(chuckle, original)

The Call of the Politically Correct Shepherd to his Nymph
(with apologies to Christopher Marlowe, who is a Dead White 
 European Male and therefore unworthy of study)

  Come live with me and we shall be politically correct
  We'll walk among the spotted owls and every rare insect
  We'll not cheer for sporting teams whose names mock our forebearers
  Or consort with other than the original fur-wearers
       No toxic fission
       No fossil fuels
       No polyester
       No grades in schools
  Come live with me within the old-growth forest near the seas
  Where the dolphins all are safe and swim through nets with ease
  Where the union label grows in our greenhouse-gas-free dome
  And the rain forest stretches out beyond our race-normed home
       No fatty oils
       No silicone
       No ever-present
       Cellular phones
  We'll be perfectly tolerant of all (as if we cared!)
  And we'll hope that we won't be procreationally impaired
  And when we have politically correct young girls and boys
  They'll play in their cloth diapers with our recycled toys
       They'll get their truths from
       Old bitter men
       And never think nor learn
       Less they offend.

Kevin M. Loney 1992.

May not be rebroadcast without the express written consent of the
Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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