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Lost George

pacdata! (Jim Harkins)
(topical, maybe)

Written by Mike Holmes <ucsd!!fofp>

Sung to the tune Lost Johnny, by Hawkwind.

Lost George

You only get a single chance
The rules are very plain
The truth is well concealed to ensure
Others get the blame
And you know what really gets them
Cheering from afar
Is tired old jokes and homilies
>From a faded movie star

And up there in the White House
They're trying to make us scream
By stealing from the carcass
of the old American Dream

Could you find some cocaine
Just across the street?
Lost George is in here
playing Trick Or Treat

The time has come for you to choose
You'd better get it right
Republicans with bright white teeth
Are getting real uptight
They speak of Family Values
And Jesus Christ their Lord
And worry about communists
In Uncle Sam's back yard

And in the inner cities
The sound of shots still rings
While the governor of the state
Is cutting the purse strings

Run and fetch a senator
For God's sake make it brief
The folks who own the S&L's
Are craving tax-relief

Now Bill he looks so genial
And you know he really tries
But every time he gets his say
It's obviously lies
About Jennifer and MaryJane
And how he didn't inhale
And how he went to England 
Instead of Vietnam or Jail

And here inside the voting booth
If the choice is what it looks
You might as well have just stayed home
Than voted in more crooks

Run and fetch your credit card
You'd better make it fast
The whole damn nation's deep in debt
So spend while it still lasts 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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