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Mailing lists (Josh Smith)
(true, smirk)

Here at Harvey Mudd, back in the Bad Old Days, we foolishly purchased a
PR1ME, but once we'd seen the error of our ways, we managed to rid ourselves
of the damned thing. We subsequently asked various software and hardware
vendors if they would please take us off their mailing lists, as we no
longer owned the machine in question. It took a few rounds of asking at some
places, because these companies are always loathe to delete you from their
databases...  Well, someone fairly clueless at one of these companies must
have eventually ended up sitting in front of a computer with our request in
his or her hand, because we recently received a solicitation addressed as
                         HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE
                         DO NOT CALL/WRITE THIS CUSTOMER
                         260 E. FOOTHILL BLVD.
                         CLAREMONT, CA  91711

The truly scary part was that the mailing was not from a company that we had
ever heard from before. Yet another good reason not to buy other people's
mailing lists...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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