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What happens when you work all-night... (Jeff Knodel)
(true, chuckle, work)

I work at <a utility company> that has security card readers on all of the
entrances, exits, and important internal doors.  Employees must have their
creditcard-like ID cards to run across the scanner, or they cannot open the

This morning, a co-worker of mine left to run across the street to the
gas station to pick up some candy bars and pops for all of us minding the
fort.  When he got back, however, he found that he could not work the
door mechanism, hold the drinks, and his card up against the scanner
at the same time.  After a few trials, he managed to do it by holding the
card against the scanner with his head, and turning the knob with the
hands holding the drinks.

He then walked through the entire length of the building, climbed three 
flights of stairs,  and eventually came to the computer room, which again 
required his ID -- only he didn't have it.

He sat the drinks on the ground, and searched his pockets; Nothing.
"Fine," he thought, "I must have dropped it in he hall," So he backtracked
all the way to the door, looking for places he might have dropped it; but
no luck.

He got to the front door, which had just been opened up by the morning
security guard.

"Hi." he said to the guard, "I was through here not five minutes ago."


"...but I can't, for the life of me, seem to find my ID."


"I had it to get through the door, but I did not have it when I got to the
next one."


"I've backtracked my entire path, and I didn't find it."


"Have you seen it?"

And the guard said;  "Its stuck to your forehead."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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