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Especially if one of those acronyms is "IBM" (John Lundberg)
(smirk, computers)

From "Watch your Image" in Aug/Sep 1992 _Beyond Computing_ 
(published by IBM Corporation):

   "When hiring an information technology (IT) executive, one
    company president uses this straighforward approach: "I write
    off anyone who spouts more than two acronyms within the first
    10 minutes of the interview."  Though this approach may seem a
    bit drastic or simplistic, the moral of this story is the talk
    of the trade.  Top executives increasingly want IT directors
    and managers who think, talk and act like businesspeople.  This
    '10-minute test' is a reminder to IT directors to put business  
    imperatives ahead of technology requirements..."

From "Can IBM Change its Stripes" in the 24-Aug _Information Week_:

   "Are IBM's desktop failures behind it? [*]  Perhaps not.  There are 
   signs, for instance, that IBM managers--including Cannavino--continue
   to practice the old Big Blue philosophy.  ``When it comes to technical
   matters,'' says one member of the OS/2 development team, ``IBM
   management doesn't have a clue.'' 

[*] Percentage of wordprocessing market held by IBM product DisplayWrite 
in 1986: 16%, in 1990: 2%.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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