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Real Family Values (Anant Sahai)
(chuckle, topical)

From a friend...

Well, I think people are responding to the Republican Party's call for
"family values".  I decided that you should know what they are!  (smile)

	Always tell the truth, unless you are in court for something as small
	and insignificant as arm deals to some unstable middle-east country,
	in which case you may always hide behind some fifth amendment that
	was designed to protect drug dealers who turn their friends in, or
	you can always get a sudden 24-hour case of Alzheimer's disease where
	you selectively forget all the bad deeds that you've committed, even
	that prostitute you had a meeting with yesterday.

	Always be loyal to your friends, your country, your boss, your
	constituents, unless some backstabbing will get you that new yacht
	you wanted to get for your daughter in Monte Carlo.  Even be loyal to
	your running mate, even though he can't spell worth beans and other

Respect for Elders:
	Yes, especially if you are one.  After all, those who you brown-nose
	are usually older than you.

	Only when there's a photo opportunity to get you in the paper.

	Only when there's no photo opportunity to get you in the paper.

Performance of One's Duties:
	Only once every four years, at the end of your term.  But unimportant
	duties, such as fixing the economy, can be put off.

Hey, how about a programmer's values?  or rather, lvalues?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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