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Presidential Debates Drinking Game (Diana Smetters)
(topical, chuckle)

While watching the first presidential debate on Sunday, it suddenly
struck my husband and I that there was an obvious response:

	The Presidential Debates Drinking Game

  Rules: Similar to the Star Trek Drinking Game. Participants get
	themselves a television, some form of alcohol, and then
	act according to the following rules:

Take a drink when Bush:

1) says "tax and spend" (2 drinks for "spend and tax").
2) says "gridlock"
3) every time he makes an odd hand gesture apparently 
	unrelated to what he's saying.
4) says "TRUST" (emphasized)
5) says "(knee-jerk) liberal"
6) describes children going to bed without the fear of nuclear
7) brings up draft evasion, or vacation trips to Moscow.
8) mentions a "tax on the rich".
9) blames something on the Congress.
10) mentions Jim Baker perfoming some major role in the new
         administration. (1 drink for previously-mentioned roles: Sec'y of
         State, Reelection Campaign Chair, Deputy President, Chief of Staff.
         2 drinks if Bush mentions appointing him to something new.)

Take a drink when Clinton:

1) mentions a "tax on the rich".
2) says "trickle-down economics".
3) repeats a phrase. (2 drinks for "Jobs, jobs, jobs".)
4) says "change".
5) mentions a Bush veto. (2 for vetoing the Family Leave Act.)

Take a drink when Ross Perot:

1) starts a new task force.
2) talks about the deficit.
3) says "I love this country".
4) has an electronic town meeting.
5) talks about "putting the house in order".
6) makes an analogy to sports. (2 drinks for "united teams win,
	divided teams lose".)

These rules can undoubtedly be expanded to cover the vice-presidential
debates with minimal effort.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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