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DJ phone pranks (Brian Kendig)
(chuckle, true)

(This came by me today.  The name of the author has been lost in the
long list of people through whom this has been forwarded.)

In the paper this morning, there was an article about a couple of DJs
on the radio station KSJO here in San Jose.  They often play practical
jokes for people on their spouses, friends, etc.

Once, DJ Lamont Hollywood called up a woman named Marcy pretending he
was her husband's boss to tell her, "I've had to fire your husband.
We caught him making love to a secretary in the company cafeteria."

"WHAT?!?!" she yells, not knowing this is all a gag set up by her
husband who is also on the phone line listening.  "Do you know we
haven't made love in six months?!  He said he had some kind of
impotency problem.  Obviously he doesn't have the problem at work."

Lamont tries to calm her down and suggests that she offer her husband
some consolation when he gets home because he has just been fired.

"I'm not even going to BE here," she says.  "In fact, thank you.
Thank you for calling.  Because I don't have to feel so bad now about
making love to his brother."

Another time, a husband named Tom tried to play a joke on his wife,
Diane, who was vacationing by herself in Tahoe.  A man answered the
phone and when the DJs asked who he was, she tried to tell them it was
Tom.  Over the next year, Tom was a regular on their show as he went
through his divorce hearings and recently, they tried to set him up on
their radio show, "Love Connection".

And then there was the man who told the hosts his fiancee sunbathed
nude in the backyard.  The DJ called up and pretended to be her
nextdoor neighbor and asked for a date.  At first she said no, but
then asked...  "Are you the guy with the Porsche?  I suppose as long
as you don't tell anyone, we can go out.  Can you keep your mouth shut?"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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