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Life isn't fair, either (Brent McNamee)
Eastern's Public Access BBS, Toronto CAN
(chuckle, bbc)

Where I live (near Toronto, Ontario), we get re-runs of a BBC comedy show 
called "Stuff", with the creator's name being Alexis --------- (I forget his 
last name, yes, I said HIS.)  Anyway, this was a short "skit" done on that 
show:  (not a complete quote)
The following is an official apology to you, the viewer, by BBC Two.
(Screen is filled with the word "apology")
Recently, BBC Two broadcast a music video that explicitly stated that "life 
is just a bowl of cherries".  We would like to sincerely apologize for this 
blatant error, and correct our mistake.  Simply stated, life is NOT a bowl 
of cherries.  Life is a biochemical reaction to the stimulus of the 
surrounding environment in a stable ecosphere, while a bowl of cherries is a 
large round container filled with little red fruits on sticks.
Apparently, one Ernest Morrison of Eltham was confused by our earlier 
broadcast and, in a desperate attempt at ending his bowl of cherries, 
consumed them and was plagued by flatulence for three days.  When he was 
informed of the error, we were able to convince him to use hemlock instead.  
The BBC's board of directors have all resigned due to this unfortunate 
flub-up.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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