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Bundled Integration (Kaitlin Sherwood)

I got this birth announcement from a friend of mine...



for further information contact

Rebecca H. Clerk or Robert Jackson Clerk
AdaptoGenetic Engineering, Inc. (AGEI)
7734 Draper Av
Sunnyvale, CA  95041

(Sunnyvale, CA) AdaptoGenetic Engineering, Inc. announces release 2.0
in its BioRobot (tm) line of carbon-based automata.  This version, called
David Maxwell Clerk, is not-so-light in weight (8 pounds even), 
but despite this increase over the 6.25 pounds of the
first release (Minnie), all packaging still conforms to ASTM biorobotic
specifications with an overall lineal dimension of 20.5 in (52.1 cm).
Experience with release 1.0 and its tendency toward conditions of
unprovoked and unpredictable sonic resonance and chaos between the
hours of 11 pm and 7 am have resulted in a number of design
enhancements and operational improvements.  Specifically, a
combination of better and increased nutrient streams combined with
improved initialization procedures provided by now-experienced
handler-trainers has brought nocturnal dynamics within regulatory and
ASTM guidelines.

Product Specifications

Roll out:       Sept 3, 1992 (12:03 pm)
Length:         52.1 cm (20.5 in)
Weight:         3.63 kg or 35.6 N (8.0 lb)
Fuel:           Lactose and associated hydrocarbon-based nutrients
Status:         Shakeout complete.  Cooing, eating, sleeping, and
                waste-removing functions operational.

                     AdaptoGenetic Engineering, Inc.
                     An Equal Opportunity Procreator

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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