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The dangers of unplanned X
(computer, smirk, original)

In these days of AIDS and promiscuity, the dangers of unplanned X can
not be overstated.  Such things as making your socket available to any
user, or scattering your interactive processes on anothers host, can
cause numerous problems, both in terms of viral infection and unplanned
children.  Although the children can be aborted, many find this course
of action much too severe.

What can be done to prevent this dreadful situation?

Obviously, wearing a chastity belt helps.  Placing an inpenetrable
barrier between you and your client is always going to be of great
assistance, and all the better if they can only make connection by
using the correct key.  Ensuring that you can only be approached by
known hosts is another helpful consideration; indeed, if you make a
short list of people who you are willing allow to talk to you, the
chances of unplanned X are made much more remote.

What about condoms?  Does placing a wrapper around all probes give you
any more safety.  Well, obviously yes.  If all active packets are
caught by the wrapper, and it is guaranteed that only safe ones can
pass through, then you can feel assured of your safety.  There is
always the risk of the wrapper breaking, though, so you should only use
high quality ones, and make sure that there is never an overly large

[originally by me]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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