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Olympic TV coverage - original (Rand Whillock)
(topical, smirk)

From last nights Olympic prime time TV coverage

Hello this is Bob C., we are ready to bring you a full night of Olympic
events. First up, lets go to the basketball arena where the dream team is
taking on Puerto Rico. 

    Thanks Bob, We are ready for the tip-off.  Its up and Jordan 
    controls the  ball for the US.  He sprints down court and slams
    it home with a tomahawk jam.  Puerto Rico: 2-0.

This is Bob C. again.  As we see the US team has things well in hand so
I will concede the game to them so we can bring you other events.  Later
on we'll show you any highlights we feel you need to see.  Coming up
tonight is the semi-final round of the hop skip and jump contest, an up
and coming demonstration sport where the US team's only hope for a medal
lies with an injured orphan girl who has promised to bring back a gold
medal for her dying brother.

Later in our "where are they now" segment we will bring you an interview
with the first person to ever wear Nike shoes in a track event, you may
be surprised at who it is.

Before that though, we will bring you a premier Eric Clapton video salute
to the men's underwater ping pong team. Its an emotional tribute to
their team captain who was killed earlier this year in a freak serving
accident.  You will not want to miss it.

But first we will send you back to your local stations for 15 minutes of
commercials including one telling you which events you could be watching
right now if you had purchased our over priced cable coverage...

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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