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YASS (yet another Sun spinoff) (Patrick J. Flynn)
(computer, smirk)

Sun Microsystems Creates More Subsidiaries

Mountain View, California -- May 24 (AP)
In a move calculated to strengthen the company's position as the
fastest-fragmenting corporation in the computer industry, Sun
Microsystems announced today that it has just created twenty-three
new subsidiaries.  The new companies, whose names are SunA, SunB,
SunD, SunE, SunF, SunG, SunH, SunI, SunJ, SunL, SunM, SunN, SunO,
SunP, SunR, SunS, SunT, SunU, SunV, SunW, SunX, SunY, and SunZ,
will assume control over `everything that we couldn't think
of a cool company name for', according to Scott McNealy, office
manager for Sun Microsystems, Inc., which is expected
to have three employees after completion of the transition (McNealy,
an office assistant, and a Vice-President in Charge of Future
Spin-Offs).  For example, SunA, Incorporated will be in charge of
future revisions of the Thick Ethernet connector on the back of
Sun workstations, and SunB will focus on removing all humorous and
semi-humorous comments from header files in Solaris 3.0's /usr/include
directory.  SunD will manage the mechanical infrastructure of all
buildings owned by SMCC, and will soon begin install hot and cold
running Jolt Cola in all building housing systems software developers.

Conspicuous in their absence from the list of new company names
were SunC, SunK, and SunQ, which were not created because of
`possible negative connotations', according to McNealy, who then
hurriedly changed the subject to something boring like SPECmarks.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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