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Remote Shredding Available (Tony Facca)
(computer, smirk, original)

We posted this on our local newsgroup for April Fools--

As was discussed at the February meeting of the Computer Security Committee, 
a new networked high-speed shredder was installed in room 160 of the RAC 

From time to time Unix Workstation users have the need to dispose of sensitive
files on their systems.  The new shredder is capabable of receiving and 
shredding a variety of Unix files (ASCII or binary).

Workstation users can obtain the script "rshred" which will perform a secure
forward of almost any Unix file to the shredder.  The files are queued by the 
Epoch file server for subsequent shredding.  

Following is the man page for "rshred":

     RSHRED(1L)        UNIX System V (01 April 1992)        RSHRED(1L)

          rshred - forward a file to the secure shredder

          rshred [ -bbin ] [ -ncopies ] [ -hc ] [ -scutstyle ] [ -ps ]
          [ -ssstripsize ] [ -sb ] [ -d ] [ -ffontstyle ] [ -p|l ]

          rshred Uses standard Unix features to forward any file on
          the system to a secure shredder located in room 160 of the
          RAC building.  The file is queued by the Epoch on a special
          Write Only optical platter, then transferred directly to the
          shredder as soon as it is available.  At no time is any
          system utility able to access the file.   This is in
          compliance with RFC-974.2 of the Computer Privacy
          Subcommittee on Electronic Disposal of Sensitive Material.

          The following options are supported by rshred

          -bbin Send the shredded file to BIN_ID bin This option must
                be provided.  Documents forwarded without proper BIN
                Identifiers are considered a security risk and will
                NOT be shredded. If you are unsure of the proper
                BIN_ID for your location, contact your local computer

                Shred copies copies of the file.  Useful if proof of
                destruction is required.

          -hc   Print a hard copy listing of the shredded document.
                The listing will be returned along with the shredded

                The HP Shredjet IICxi supports a variety of software
                selectable cutting styles.  rshred supports the
                following cut styles: jagged, straight, diagonal,
                long-cut, short-cut, and short-long cut.  Default is

                Specify the "strip size" (width) of the shredded
                strips in inches.  Default is .2"

          -sb   Swap bytes (Ultrix and DOS only)

          -d    Shred double sided listings.  Normally the Shredjet
                shreds single sided listings.

          -ps   Shred a PostScript document.

                Use fontstyle as the default font for the shredded
                document.  All standard X11R4 font styles are
                supported by rshred.

          -p|l  Shred in Portrait (default) or Landscape mode.  Only
                one option is permitted per copy.

          Printing in landscape mode cannot guarantee efficient
          destruction of document unless fontsize exceeds stripsize.

          At this time the only image file formats which are supported
          are GIF, TIFF, and SGI formatted images.

          Shredder is not supported by davinci or raphael.

	  Tony Facca
	  Jay Horowitz
	  Norbert Seidel
	  Don Sosoka

          xshred(1L), shredview(1L)


 Tony Facca                   | If you meet me, have some courtesy, have some 
 NASA Lewis Research Center   | sympathy, have some taste.                    |                                      - Stones

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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