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How to get around arrogant executives (Doug Moran)
(true, smirk)

This happened to me at work early last year (at a different company).

I was working at one of those very-very-big-corporations-of-america, and
we had recently been inflicted with a new division head.  As had all
division heads before him, this one said that he "wanted to get to know
everyone personally," and was going to "meet everyone one-on-one."  As
all executives say this -- and none ever follow through -- I never gave
it any thought.  And sure enough, the division head never met anyone.

However, some months later, I needed to speak with the division head's
secretary, who was also the secretary for the rest of the division.  She
was in the division head's office, and was clearly just shooting the
breeze with the DH.  I poked my head in and said (in a heavily ironic
tone of voice), "I hate to drag you away from your obviously very
important business, but I need your help for a second."  She smiled and
nodded, and headed out to her desk.

As I stood at her desk, waiting for her to get my form (or whatever it
was that I needed), the DH lumbered out of his office and said to me in
what he clearly thought was an ironic tone of voice, "I could fire you
for that, you know!"  (Ho ho ho.)  I fixed him with a look and stated,
"You can't fire me; you don't even know my name."  His mouth clamped
shut, he turned, and headed back into his office.  I got my form and

Less than a month later, the DH was transferred to another division.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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