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Claus (Ray Deonandan)
(sexual, chuckle, heard it)

Courtesy the Australian jokemeister...

    One time Santa Claus was out deliverng presents on 
    Christmas morning, when he came to the house of a beautiful 
    young woman. He slid down the chimney, and there she was 
    waiting for him in her best bathrobe. "Merry Christmas, my 
    dear," he said, "have you been a good girl all year?"
    "I certainly have!" she replied. So he put all her presents 
    under the tree and said "Well, see you next year!"
    "But Santa," she said, "won't you stay with me for a little 
    "That's very sweet of you dear," said Santa Clause, "but 
    I've got alot of present's to deliver and I really have to 
    be going."
    "But Santa," she said, "I've been waiting for you all 
    "Oh no, no, no," said Santa Clause, "there's lot's to be 
    done by morning, and what would Mrs.Clause say?"
    "But Santa," she said slipping out of her robe, "just this 
    "Oh all right," he said, "I'll never make it back up the 
    chimney now anyway."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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