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Are You a Geek? (Steve Connelly)
(original, funny, computer)

Are You a Geek?

	Did you misunderstand phone sex, resulting in painful electrical 

	When the air conditioning comes on during a staff meeting, do you 
invariably grab your throat and then pretend to collapse on the table?

	Do you use Drano as a toilet cleanser?

	Does your carpet change color when you vacuum?  When you exterminate?
Is the only vacuum you know about the one the crew is exposed to after a 
breach of the inner hull?  

	Do you wear socks so dirty Saddam Hussein wouldn't use them against 
the Kurds?  Has half a pizza been in the back of your refrigerator for so long 
it's begun to manipulate symbols?

	When the waiter at the Chinese restaurant asks for your number, do you 
bellow righteously, "I am not a number!  I am a luncheon special!"

	Are you Steve Zimmerman?

	Do you chuckle when you think that, under those clothes, all those
women are naked?  Did you giggle when the female employment recruiter said
she had multiple openings available?  Did you name a workstation "madonna" so 
that you could see
	*** shutdown message for madonna from operator@madonna ***
        	madonna going down in 5 minutes

	Did you giggle when a manager talking about a female colleague's PC 
asked "Does Janet have dual floppies?"  Do you twitter uncontrollably each time
the tv announcer says, "dual front airbags"?

	Do you post irrelevance to global networks in the hope that someone 
will think you're witty?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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