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Hypothetical USL memo (Bryan Ford)
(topical, computer, smirk, original)


FROM:   USL Management
TO:     All employees

Many of you have already heard of the new mental snapshot technology
recently developed and released by Tyrell Corporation.  After several weeks
of planning and discussion, USL management has decided to make use of this
exciting new technology in a new employment policy, to be put into effect
immediately here at USL.

Commencing at the present time, a mental snapshot will be taken, upon hire,
of all new employees.  These will be immediately digitized and stored in a
master database kept by USL.  At such a time as the employee leaves USL, he
or she will have a second mental snapshot taken, which will also be stored
in USL's master database for further use by USL.  Finally, the two
snapshots will be compared and the differences used to roll back the
employee's mental state to the point of employment, ensuring that the
employee remains unencumbered with any proprietary material after leaving

Current employees who did not receive mental snapshots upon hire will have
two options.  First, such an employee may choose to immediately have a
mental snapshot taken, and sign a contract requiring him or her to work for
USL during the next twenty years (at USL's option).  After the twenty years
are complete, the employee may leave, and upon doing so will undergo the
treatment described in the preceding paragraph.  The employee may then
freely use any knowledge gained before the first snapshot, provided such
use does not conflict with USL's interests.

Alternatively, the employee may choose to leave the company immediately,
and have his or her current mental state replaced with one of several
standard models offered by USL which do not contain proprietary material.  
The employee's previous mental state will become sole property of USL.

Any employees who have objections to this policy are encouraged to make a
private office appointment with their immediate manager as soon as
possible.  Your managers been specially equipped to handle such objections.


                                Bryan Ford

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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