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Suspicious network connections (Gene Spafford)
Department of Computer Science, Purdue University

At a recent intrusion detection workshop, some of the attendees were
lamenting that there was insufficient baseline data to calibrate
some of the systems.

Discussion ensued, and over the next few days, a few of us came up
with (and ranked) the following, with the working title of "The
Grance-Letterman Data Set of the 15 Most Suspicious Network

Without further ado:

15 cut & fork             from
14 chown -R nobody *      from
13 rcp                    from
12 talk                   from
11 ftp                    from     kremvax.mosc.fsu
10 rsh bash               from
 9 pop                    from
 8 rsh make bed           from
 7 auditd -start          from
 6 rlogin GAMES           from     DQUAYLE@ATARI.LIVINGROOM.DC.US
 5 rsh kill -9 1          from
 4 usenet postings        from     Gennifer to and talk.rumors
 3 ping                   from
 2 finger                 from

 1 uptime                 from

Other suspicious entries, added to the list after the ranking:

touch		from
mount		from
sleep		from
Gene Spafford
Software Engineering Research Center & Dept. of Computer Sciences
Purdue University, W. Lafayette IN 47907-1398
Internet:	phone:  (317) 494-7825

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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