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It hard to be politically correct (Bob Matthews)
(chuckle, true)

Paraphrased from the July 1, 1992 issue of "The Chronicle 
of Higher Education."

         "Women's-Studies Group, Hoping to Heal Wounds, Finds 
                            More Conflict"

"This year's annual meeting of the National Women's Studies 
Association was supposed to heal fractures that crippled the 

"Within half an hour of the opening of the conference ... the keynote
speaker had offended lesbian women by making what were described as
heterosexist remarks.  Other women complained that a white women 
should not have been selected to start [the] conference..."

Then meeting organizers apologized "to Jewish conferees who had been
inconvenienced by the Friday-night session...

"Later that evening, some 'eco-feminists' ... complained that every 
meal served at the conference included meat.

"Finally, one conferee complained that participants should be asked 
to forgo hair spray and perfume, which allergy sufferers might find 

Said Ms. Wilma Boddie-Beaman of NWSA's steering committee "'If I had 
my wish, we would stop comapring ourselves to other organizations.
We're different.'"
Bob Matthews   Armstrong State College,  Savannah, GA

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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