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What is ia a time?
Adobe Systems, Mountain View, CA, USA
(smirk, computer)

I got this message back from our sys. admin in response to my question
about clock time on my Silicon Graphics machine (It was half an hour behind
the actual time)

From: jhammond (John Hammond)
To: baldwa
Subject: Re: SGI time


DEC time, SGI time, and your time are all different because the SGI
functions so much faster than the DEC and the DEC functions faster than
you. Time from your frame of reference would appear to slow down
particularly on the SGI but the same would hold for the DEC to a
lesser degree. This difference would become apparent to you as a 
difference in time between the DEC and the SGI. A corollary to this
of course is that the SGI will physically appear longer than the DEC.

So all you would need to do is take out your tape measure, measure the
length of the SGI when it is running and compare that distance to when
it is not running, subtract the two values, divide this value by the
speed of the machine ( in light years), this will give you the value
to add to the apparent SGI time.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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