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"Conventional" anagrams (Mike Morton)
(topical, smirk)

We all know that American political conventions are pretty carefully  
scripted.  To find the deeper meaning, here are some anagrams for  
both "Democratic National Convention" and "Republican National  

These are done with my Macintosh application Ars Magna, so they're  
"original" in the sense that I culled them from a much longer list of  
machine-produced drivel -- "O, contradict inconvenient Alamo" and the  

-- Mike Morton  <>

(The Republicans yield much better anagrams; I've listed the Top Ten  
for each, then a longer list for each of arguably lower quality.)

Democratic National Convention

Top ten:

America voted Clinton?  No, I cannot!
Item: Advance Clinton coronation
Clinton nomination: Accord at eve
Clinton: "Act on American devotion"
Control, damn it, conceive a nation
Conceal at contrived nomination
American continent: cold ovation
Viet Nam, Tornado, Cocaine, Clinton
Election condition: Vacant manor
Dominator can't contain violence

Republican National Convention

Top ten:

Puritanical ban on innocent love
Continual privation can ennoble
Can learn potato noun?  Invincible!
Cannot balance virulent opinion
Unconventional noble patrician
Clinton convention: plebian aura
An inconvenient clan, a Politburo
Innocence until naval probation
Plain notion: binuclear covenant
Pollution ban: inane contrivance

Democratic National Convention

Honorable mention:

Clinton contortion; evade maniac
Clinton nomination; vacate credo
Concentration on vital comedian
Clinton: Condemnation to avarice
Clinton vocation: Erotica and men
Covet arcane Clinton admonition
A violent, narcotic condemnation

Republican National Convention

Second tier:

Announce bill veto; nation in crap
Announce vibrant, online capitol
Bonn (noun): (1) capitol; (2) evil incarnate
Uncap cannon; violent liberation
A craven taunt: penicillin no boon
Clinton evaporation; ennui blanc
Ballet, union, nirvana, conception
Burn no inane political covenant
Violence burnt on; national panic
Uncap ban: colonial intervention

Almost as good:

Obtain an epic: "Clinton lover a nun"
Concentration on unlivable pain
Conventional lunatic brain?  Nope!
Valiant concubine; online patron
Continual probation can enliven
Violent cannibal, piano nocturne
Conviction plan: alienate unborn
Blunt an inane conviction, parole
Innocent love-rub; national panic
Avert Clinton; unbalance opinion

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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