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Back to School Trauma (Geoff Allen)
(topical, true, smirk)

Giving new meaning to back-to-school trauma is this incident, which
was reported in the Idaho State Journal (Pocatello, Idaho) on Sunday, 
August 30, 1992.

Robert Williams, age 5, attended his first day of kindergarten at Downey
Elementary School.  School went well, but Robert missed his bus home, so
he decided to walk home.  It wasn't long before Robert found himself
completely lost in downtown Downey (realize that Downey's population is
about 600-700). 

But Robert didn't panic.  His mother had always told him that if he
needed help, he should look for a policeman.  So Robert looked.

Robert didn't know that Downey has no policemen.  The city contracts
with the Bannock County Sheriff to patrol the city several times a day,
but none were around when Robert needed them.

So Robert did the next logical thing -- he started crying.  A fifth
grader who was passing by stopped to help Robert, and found out that
Robert knew his address and phone number.  There was only one problem,
though -- the address and phone number were for Robert's old home in
Mountain Home, Idaho, about 200 miles away.  The Williams family had
moved to Downey the day before school started.

The fifth grader took Robert back to the school, where the principal was
able to contact his mother and bring him home, so the story does have a
happy ending.  Robert's mother says she'll teach him his new address and
phone number, but doesn't know what to do about the advice to look for a
policeman when you're in trouble.

And you thought your first day of school was traumatic!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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