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Old (Ray Deonandan)

Okay, here's another one courtesy of soon-to-be jokemeister Mark Bell.
He claims it is of Spanish origin, but I wouldn't trust a bespectacled

A man's house is broken into one night, and his TV and VCR are stolen.
However, the next week, the thief is miraculously caught by the police,
and the stolen goods recovered.  Testament, no doubt, to the efficiency
of the Spanish police force.

So the man who was robbed strolls down to the police station and demands
to speak to the thief.  The police explain to him that that is not
necessary because he was caught red-handed, is sure to do time, and all
the property had already been returned to the rightful owner.

But the man was not satisfied.  So the police ask him exactly WHY he
wants to talk to the thief. The man looks about sheepishly then, in
a softer voice, enunciated: "I want to know how he got into the house
without waking my wife."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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