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Missed Opportunity if you ask me
(true, smirk)

Dear Brad:  this is a true story.  it happened to me this evening.

Intro:  I have been lifting weights semi-regularly for the past month.
        With this in mind . . .

Phone rings:

ME:  Hello?   (of course)

PARTY:  Hello, Shannon?  This is Lisa.  I was told you do personal

Me:  Uh, no...

Lisa:  Oh, I'm so embarassed.  You sure you don't do personal training?

Me:  Yes . . .(getting slightly confused, and somewhat irritated)

Lisa:  Do you want to?

Me:  No, I don't really have time.  And I don't really know enough
     about it.

Lisa:  Well, a lady at the gym told me you did training.  I guess it
       was another Shannon Wells.  Oh, I'm so embarassed.

Me (thinking, "no big deal, lady, geez!"):  
   What gym?  Johnson Center?
   (the university gym, ie, the only one I go to)

Lisa:  No.  You SURE you don't want to do any training?  I have a dog
       collar to wear and everything!

Me:  (What the hell . . ?)  No, I don't -

Lisa:  Oh, I'm sorry . . . (sigh, whines) I'm so horny . . .

Me:  (firmly)  good *bye*. . .  click.

Gave me and my dojo a real good laugh before practice!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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